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RentACampervan Price Match Guarantee

What's this?
The Motorhome/Campervan Price Match Guarantee is our promise to you that whenever you book online with us, we aim to give you the best deal possible!

How does it work?
It's pretty simple. If you find a cheaper price for the same motorhome/campervan with the same travel dates, we'll match it with extra NZ$50.00 discount!

How do I do this?
To request the super awesome price match guarantee, just email bookings@rentacampervan.co.nz include:
- Your Name
- Your Email address
- Your Contact phone number
- Name of the website where you found the cheaper, matching the same motorhome/campervan
- The quote they emailed you
- Screen shot of the cheaper offer (including the date & time visited)

One of our friendly RentACampervan crew will verify the information, confirm your reservation at the better rate (if all conditions are met).

This offer is subject to availability for new bookings only. We are committed to matching anyone's legitimate price offer, but for our own protection, we reserve the right to refuse to match a price at any time, mainly due to the fact that some websites may have an incorrect/out of date rates showing, or a quote may have been modified by the customer.

Important Note: Not all websites mention complete prices clearly along with extra accessories and insurance prices. Customers are later charged extra amounts on top of the quotes / bookings or even while vehicle pickup at the depot. We make sure all possible prices and charges related to your travel are quoted right at the beginning. This is why RentACampervan ranks amongst the top 5 rental agencies in the country.