Happy Campers Rental New Zealand

Happy Campers Rental New Zealand

"An Exciting New Zealand Holiday with Happy Camper Rentals"

For exciting trips around New Zealand with family and friends select Happy Campervan Rentals NZ at amazingly low prices. Select your preferred style of travel from the extensive array of vehicles for an extraordinary experience around our beautiful country. Hire a Happy Camper and kick off an unforgettable New Zealand campervan holiday.

Experience Freedom Camping with Happy Campers across New Zealand.

Happy Campers New Zealand caters to the requirements of the contemporary traveller and has been diligently working to ensure that the vehicles are up to date. The vehicles have been suitably modified to ensure that they are Certified Fully Self Contained. This enables you to enjoy added flexibility on the places you desire to camp in New Zealand. Enjoy the scenic marvels of this spectacular country on any of the vehicles such as Happy 2, Happy 2ST, Happy 3, Happier 3 and the Original 3 in addition to Happy 4 which are all Certified Self Contained.

  • Happy Sleeper Camper
  • The Happy Sleeper is an idyllic choice for the sociable couple who would prefer basic cooking facilities in addition to a good night's sleep after the day's frenzied adventures. Explore the wonders of New Zealand in this stylish and hassle-free vehicle. The Happy Sleeper is the sole automatic vehicle in the series and is the most compact & sleekest rental with all the usefulness you can expect from a camper within a car-size van. Added features include a CD player, huge double bed, cookware and linen along with rear cabin seating, a moveable gas-grill for camp-style cooking and excellent storage facilities.

  • Happy 2 Berth Camper
  • Travel around New Zealand in utmost comfort and style in The Happy 2 Berth which is an amazing deluxe camper van. Enjoy a memorable trip in this spacious vehicle which guarantees value for money. Fantastic features in the late-model camper include a CD player, comfortable seating provisions along with a dining table and a large double bed for a relaxing night's slumber. Added conveniences include a spacious, elegant kitchen along with a fridge, microwave, two-burner gas-cooker as well as cookware and linen.

  • Happy 3 Berth Camper
  • The Happy 3 Berth Camper guarantees a handy, economical drive and is an ideal option for a couple or small family unit. This vehicle is the ideal partner for a thrilling New Zealand adventure holiday with facilities such as a CD player/Mp3 connection, large single bed located in the roof, double bed in addition to seating for three within the front cab. Manage your own adventure with amenities such as a fridge, cold running water, two-burner gas-cooker, sufficient cupboard and shelf space in addition to complete kitchen equipment and linen.

  • Happier 3 Berth Camper
  • Enjoy added extras in the Happier 3 Berth Camper for a comfortable holiday such as a microwave, double bed, seating arrangements for three people in the front cabin, large single bed placed in the roof and an elegantly contemporary interior. This trendy vehicle is simply superlative for a couple or a small family who desire added comfort on the road. The Original 3 Berth Camper includes everything you require for sleeping in utmost comfort and effortless food preparation. Features include a fridge along with a two-burner gas-cooker, ample cupboard and shelf space, cold running water as well as complete kitchen gear and linen. This vehicle is an ideal partner for your New Zealand travels and can comfortably accommodate three persons.

  • Happy 2 S&T Camper
  • The Happy 2 S&T is a high-range vehicle which includes all the amenities you need to take a trip across New Zealand in total luxury. It is marvellously luxurious yet economical, spacious and quite easy to drive with wonderful facilities such as a kitchen, foldaway table, shower and toilet, gas stove, extra large bed, microwave, heating and a fridge. This camper is the perfect choice for a couple or friends who desire all the conveniences in a self contained unit.

  • Happy 4 Camper (2 berth)
  • Happy 4 is an incredible high-range, 2 Berth Camper with toilet and shower that comes with everything you require to journey across New Zealand in absolute opulence. It's vastly spacious, well-appointed and is quite easy to drive as well. This camper is the perfect choice for a couple or friends who desire all the conveniences such as a kitchen, extra large bed, shower and toilet, foldaway table plus a gas stove, microwave, heating and a fridge within a single self contained unit. Remember that Road User Charges are applicable if you opt for this vehicle.

With the necessary cooking facilities, bedding for two, fridge/freezer and a double bed, The Original Sleeper is the finest choice for two people on a budget and is an easy to drive vehicle. Extras for an easy trip include Ipod/Mp3 connection in addition to an auxiliary battery.

If you are a holidaymaker and wish to explore the scenic beauty of New Zealand without any restrictions and have the courage to create an inimitable adventure holiday, Happy Campers is your best bet. Get set for a memorable journey and create happy & magical memories to last a lifetime.
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