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Reasons Why Auckland Is The Best Travel Destination on a Campervan Hire Journey

Known as the "City of Sails", Auckland has long been the main transportation hub of New Zealand as well as the largest city throughout the country itself. With a growing population of around 1.4 million residents, the community continues to stay true to its roots and rich culture making it one of the most popular tourist destinations throughout the world. Whether you enjoy shopping, experiencing delicious dining delicacies, exploring the outdoors or all of the above, Auckland has endless options to satisfy any traveler. Full of rich culture and history, beautiful beaches just within reach and of course the great sunny climate, Auckland is the perfect place to start your visit to New Zealand.

Taste the Food

Within the city limits of Auckland you will find some of the best dining options in all of the country. From high-end restaurants to cafes all filled with inviting and appetizing dishes, the dining options are sure to suit any traveler's tastes or budget during their stay. Auckland not only has traditional New Zealand cuisine available but also an assortment of food including French, Japanese, Mediterranean and Italian all right at your fingertips for all visitors to enjoy.

Explore the Outdoors

It's no secret that New Zealand is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes, views and skies throughout the entire world. So, it's also no surprise to hear that Auckland contains an abundance of amazing natural landscapes and terrains to explore while visiting. Visit the 65-hectare Botanic Gardens just outside the city where you can breathe in the fresh aromas of blooming and budding nature. If traveling with children then the Aquatic Park Parakai Springs would be an excellent option; a range of thermal pools including shallow areas for the young ones and hydroslides are sure to fill an entire day with excitement and entertainment. To create the most unique experience of the Auckland outdoors, simply head toward the west where visitors will find a luscious rainforest perfect for trekking and exploring where you can end your day at the black sand beaches. If you're in search of excellent photography opportunities then be sure to visit one of Auckland's many volcanoes (48) that provide visitors with breathtaking panoramic views of the city and harbor.

Finding a Place to Stay

One of the many benefits that come along with staying in Auckland is the wide range of accommodation options available to visitors. From high-end hotels such as the Hilton or Heritage Hotel to backpacker hostels and everything in between, finding a place to lay your head in Auckland is easy and convenient. If you would prefer to stay in a campground setting then simply make your way 40 minutes toward the west coast to a city called Piha, which is home to an amazing campground. Although the center of town in Auckland provides a plethora of accommodation options, the neighborhoods and suburbs just outside of the city include several hotels and motels that are also great options during your stay in Auckland.


With all of these amazing things to do and see in Auckland, one aspect of your travels will be figuring out your transportation options within the city. Taxis tend to be the most expensive way of transportation. If you are on a tight budget then consider using the Super Shuttle or Airbus Express when arriving at the airport, as they are especially cheaper than taxis. For transportation while you are in the city itself, the main transport hub of Britomart Transport Centre is where you can purchase tickets that will take you to almost anywhere you would like to go. Located at the bottom of Auckland's main area, Queen Street it is a convenient place to find that is very centrally located.

Another form of transport you will most likely be using in Auckland is the ferry system. The terminal is located very near to the Britomart Transport Centre and is easy to find.

Lastly, we personally recommend renting a campervan for all of your travel needs. It is the most affordable option especially if traveling with a group of people. Campervan Hire in NZ allow you the option to roam and explore on your own schedule and route without having to rely on public transportation at all. Call it Motorhomes, Campervans or RV's, We Do It All!

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