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Lake Rotoaira and Lake Otamangakau
Lake Rotoaira is a relatively small lake situated between Lake Taupo and Mount Tongariro. For Maori people this lake has long been a highly prized eel fishery. When trout were introduced to the central North Island region in the late 1800s, the lake became an internationally renowned trout fishery.

Maori legend tells us that Mount Taranaki was originally sited where Lake Rotoaira is today. Taranaki fell in love with the mountain Pihanga, but Pihanga was Tongariro's wife and Tongariro drove Taranaki away to the west.

From Highway 47 south of Turangi there is a spectacular view across Lake Rotoaira to the volcanic plateau and Mount Tongariro - a highlight for photographers.

Nearby, Lake Otamangakau has also developed a reputation for trophy trout. This lake forms part of an ambitious hydroelectricity project that was completed in 1973. Water from Lake Otamangakau flows through a causeway into Lake Rotoaira. The Tokaanu power station near Turangi is connected to Lake Rotoaira via a six-kilometre tunnel through Mount Tihia.

Lake Rotoaira is privately owned and an additional license is required to fish it. Licences for fishing all local lakes and rivers are available from the Turangi information centre.