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Lake Monowai and Borland Nature Walk
Beautiful Lake Monowai powers one of the South Island's oldest hydroelectric stations. It occupies a long, curved valley in the southern part of Fiordland National Park - on a map, the lake looks like the letter U. The lake level was raised by 2.5 metres in 1926 to make hydro-electric power production possible.

There are many excellent hikes in the area, including a six hour walk to Green Lake. Depending on the time of year, Lake Monowai is also a great place for fishing and hunting. In 1990 the outstanding natural values of the area earned it a place within Te Wahipounamu - South West New Zealand World Heritage Area.

Close to the lake is Borland Lodge and the beginning of the Borland Nature Walk. This short interpretive walk tells the story of the beech forest.