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Doubtful Sound
About Doubtful Sound
To wake up to the absolute silence of Doubtful Sound aboard an overnight cruise is a real treat — a once in a lifetime opportunity that should not be missed.

Snow-capped mountains loom above a dramatic, ever-changing panorama of waterfalls and beech forest punctuated by birdsong. The deep, clear waters of the ice-carved fiord are calm and reflective.

The sheltered nature of the fiords means even the heartiest of land lovers amongst us can enjoy a good night's sleep on a sheltered mooring after watching the sunset. The extra time taken on an overnight voyage also allows plenty of time to experience the fiord in all lights, and to soak up its peaceful atmosphere.

Another advantage is the opportunity to see some rain. Staying an extra night means you get two shots at the weather, and a greater chance of experiencing the magnificence of the rainforest as well as the many waterfalls that flow during one of Fiordland's "light showers".

Great food, fantastic company and knowledgeable crew add to this memorable experience and if you're lucky, just when you think it can't get any better, a pod of bottlenose dolphins will merrily ride the bow waves.

If time doesn't allow you the luxury of an overnight cruise, daytime excursions also explore the full length of the fiord at a leisurely pace. There's plenty of time to pause and view wildlife or simply soak up the incredible silence of this remote area.