RentACampervan Holidays Limited, New Zealand - About Us

Who Are We?

Well, let us explain… We are a professional campervan rental company based in Auckland, New Zealand. But, behind our business, we are just a bunch of passionate people who love to travel and want to help others do the same. And we love adventure camper tours!



What Do We Provide?

At RentACampervan Holidays Ltd, we provide cozy campervan rentals from various suppliers for those ready to take to the New Zealand roads. You can choose from premium, medium or budget campervans and feel confident that no matter which one you choose, it has been given a safety approval by the respective campervan suppliers. The safety and trust of our customers has our top attention so we do everything in our power to make sure your trip goes smoothly. Any hassle or problem that may emerge while traveling in the campervans or motorhomes, we got you covered with full problem-solving support.

Not only do we provide the campervan, but we also suggest itineraries for our customers. We have put in a lot of leg-work (or tire work, rather) driving around the country ourselves and making note of every interesting, beautiful and unique spot there is to see so that we can offer you a holiday you won't ever forget. We even offer free downloadable itineraries on our website.

Are Our Campervans and Packages Affordable?

Of course! RentACampervan Holidays Ltd. provides cheap holiday packages that will cater to all of your needs and offer fantastic value for your hard-earned cash. Renting a campervan, especially during the summer season is an affordable way to travel and with our three choices (premium, medium and budget) there is an option for any wallet. Our unique best price packages have one of the most competitive rates on the market and we even offer weekly specials, long hire discounts and hot deals from various motorhome depots across New Zealand.

Is It Easy To Book A Campervan With Us?

We are glad you asked, because it sure is! Just visit our booking engine, enter the dates that you want to hire a campervan and watch as the site quickly displays all of the available motor homes and campers for rent in New Zealand. Our website will help direct you in finding a holiday package that is affordable and best suites your needs. The bookings are done through our secured payment gateway and the deposits and /or balances are collected based on which campervan is selected. Certain companies collect 100% rental prices before 30 days and few of them collect the payments on collection from the depots. Our working is very transparent and there are no hidden costs. Our customers tell us that we specialize in Easy campervan rental holidays, and who are we to tell them otherwise?

What Is Our Business Motto?

We run a business that is fuelled by a passion to assist our customers in having an enjoyable, efficient and affordable holiday. One hundred percent customer satisfaction is our main objective and we strive to reach that goal with every booking we make at RentACampervan NZ. Customers are the most vital part of our business and getting repeat renters and word-of-mouth referrals is what will keep our mission alive since 2009. That is why we always treat our customers with the care and respect they deserve.

How Can You Get In Contact With Us?

We are excited to hear from you so we can get to work planning for your next big camper adventure in New Zealand, Australia as well as Europe.

For any further queries or requests and even for suggestions please send us an email and we'll help you with your Bookings and the Campervan Rental Holiday.

For all rentals enquires contact us 24/7 at +64 9 889 4264 or email us at