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2+1 Berth Hitop Path Finder without S/T - Manual (Freedom)

2+1 Berth Hitop Path Finder without S/T - Manual (Freedom)
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The Hi Top Freedom Path Finder is one of our most popular vehicles - and it's easy to see why. Creative design and clever use of space means 2 - 3 people can travel and live in total comfort. The driving cabin has seating for three. The extra vertical space in the living area creates an airy, spacious feeling and ease of movement - and a good-sized double bed and roomy single make for comfortable sleeping. Every drawer and cupboard reveals a surprise - fridge, stove, wardrobe, crockery, cutlery, linen, towels and much more. With the Hi Top Path Finder you not only get freedom and comfort to travel where you wish, you can also enjoy the economy and ease of an engine running on diesel with manual transmission. Everything you need to take you to your New Zealand Adventure holiday.

Vehicle Age: 2007
certified as self contained: No
Transmission: 5 speed manual
Engine: 2.0 litre Unleaded diesel
Fuel Consumption: Average 12 litres per 100km (approx.)
Power:12 volt / 240 volt. This vehicle has two separate electrical circuits fitted. The main circuit is a 12 volt battery which is charged from the engine while driving and also when plugged into 240 volts at a campsite. The power cable is stored in a separate compartment on the inside of the van. The connection point is at the right hand rear of the van. If once connected and no power is available, please check the circuit breaker under the passengers cab seat. Please do not use any mobile generators as damage will result.
Batteries:There are 2 batteries in this vehicle, one located under the bonnet for starting the vehicle, and the other located under the passenger seat for operating the equipment.
Heating: The heater will work in the drivers cab when the engine is on. Heating is not available in the living area, unless a portable heater is used whilst plugged into 240 volt mains power.

Seats: 3 seats with safety belts in the front cab. Safety belts must be worn when driving.
Beds: The Highball has 1 x double bed and 1 x single bed (top bunk).

Bed Dimensions:
Double bed 1.80m x 1.65m,
Single Bed 1.80m x 1 30m.

Vehicle Dimensions:-
Length: 5.20m
Width: 1.85m
Exterior Height: 2.70m
Interior Height: 1.85m

Fridge: 45L. The fridge operates on 12 volt power.

Microwave: The microwave only operates when plugged into 240 volt at a camping ground.

LPG/Gas: The vehicle is equipped with a LPG gas stove. The LPG bottle must be turned `on' to operate the stove. Inside the vehicle push the stove knob in and turn slightly, while holding the knob down, press the ignition button. The ring should ignite; keep the nob pressed down for further 5 seconds. CAUTION: Always turn the LPG bottle off before driving. When the gas runs out please refill, you must not swap the bottle.
Fire Extinguisher: Located inside the sliding side door. Please report use of the fire extinguisher

Dining: There are 2 tables in this vehicle. The outdoor side table is stored behind the passenger seat, secured with a clip to the kitchen bench. Take out table and drop table leg before securing it to the bottom of the kitchen unit, above the fire extinguisher. The indoor dining table is stored above the driver's cabin, with the table arm under the rear seat. Fasten table arm to the rear seat base with lagun' arm facing upwards. Attach table to table arm.

Fresh Water: The water tank has a capacity of 40 litres. The water inlet is located on the passenger side, just behind the sliding door. There is a hose, stored under the rear seat, to fill with fresh water tank. When filling the tank, fill slowly to avoid air locks. There is an overflow vent, so once the tank is full, some excess water will flow out from underneath the vehicle.

Waste Water: The waste water or 'grey water' that runs through the drain in the sink ends up in a holding tank.
This should be emptied on a regular basis. It can be emptied into designated dump stations at campsites. It is an offence to dump any waste in a non-authorised location. To empty, attach the waste water hose (located under the rear seat) to the outlet valve (located on the driver's side of the vehicle) and open valve tap. We recommend that you empty your waste water tank daily or every time you fill your fresh water tank.

Equipment provided: Crockery, cutlery, cooking utensils, pots, frypan, grater, chopping board, colander, potato peeler, salad/serving bowls, storage containers, toaster, kettle, teapot, coffee plunger, bucket, brush and shovel, sleeping bags or duvet, blankets, pillows, sheets, towels, teatowels, heater, electric jug, cloths pegs and line, fire extinguisher, LPG gas bottle, maps and camping ground guide book.
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