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Rentacampervan - Campervan & Motorhome Rentals in New Zealand, NZ

Explore New Zealand with New Zealand Campervans

Log in to it is where we provide your cheap holiday packages. We provide Rent Campervan New Zealand and we will cater all your requirements. We are the best holiday makers in New Zealand . At we are a provider of premium, medium and Budget Campervan Hire in New Zealand and Cheap Campervan Rentals in New Zealand depending on the holiday makers’ requirements. We provide professional Campervan Holidays Packages that provide a great value for money.

Enter your dates for hire & rent and we will display all campervans and motorhomes that are available in New Zealand. Motorhome Hire NZ or Hire A Campervan is an affordable travelling option in New Zealand during the summer season

Based in Auckland City, New Zealand RentACampervan is a professional New Zealand Campervans provider that provides great packages for their travelers. With Rent Campervan New Zealand booking is very easy. You just need to enter your dates and we will let you know all the availability. The Motorhome Hire New Zealand is also affordable

For an affordable tour rent Hire Campervan during summer i.e. between December and March. Our customers say that we specialize in easy campervan holidays. We work with a motto of assisting our customers in having a great and an enjoyable holiday by efficient and affordable holiday planning.

What makes us unique is the self-driven package. It has one of the most competitive rates in the market and above all we pay 100% attention to the safety of our vehicles because we value for customers trust. Going through our website we’ll help you in tailoring the right package for your tour that can match with your needs and requirements. For best deals have a look at our weekly specials.

All the vehicles that are listed in this website are inspected by our very well-trained technicians. We work with an objective that our customers enjoy at their fullest in New Zealand Campervans.  We love and strongly believe in repeating our businesses especially through referrals. It's always great to rent campervan New Zealand that assures you that you are enjoying the vacation with low price and with extreme comfort.  We’ll handle all the hassles that come in your trip.

We also have potential customers that tell us about their disappointments they had with other travel handlers when they learnt that their travel package is out of the terms and conditions. But with us you don’t have to worry as we deliver and ensure that you get 100% customer satisfaction.

We have spent man hours on the roads in discovering that what is the best that our country offers is. We have put time in knowing that you don’t miss anything that is worth seeing. You can even download on the unique maps and download them for free from our website.

For any further queries or requests and even for suggestions please send us an email and we’ll help you with your packages and Campervan Holiday in New Zealand.

For Sales Enquires. Please contact us directly at: 0800 11 2828 or +64 9 534 0823 or +64 21 227 6662

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